Fighting Demons

Welcome to Oblitus Futuri, a collection of breathtaking digital prints inspired by 70's and 80's era anime background art and blockbuster movie matte paintings. This fine art series from Jim Furey, founder of Robot Junkyard Studios, captures the essence of science fiction and futurism, exploring technology, discovery, and adventure. They are perfect for any fan of these dynamic genres.

"Oblitus Futuri" is a Latin phrase that translates to "Forgotten Future." It suggests the idea of something that was once imagined or predicted for the future but has since been forgotten or abandoned. The phrase is often used as a metaphor for the idea that the future is unpredictable and things can change unexpectedly.

Each piece starts life generated via Stable Diffusion AI technology. Jim then meticulously hand-processes each image in Photoshop and Lightroom to remove unwanted digital artifacts, apply color-grading, and enlarge the images to maximize their visual impact.